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Camponotus crassus Mayr HNS 1862.

Camponotus crassus Mayr HNS 1862: 670. [w syntypes examined, NHMW ; Novara , Rio de Janeiro , Brazil ] .

Camponotus senex r. crassus Mayr HNS : Forel 1879: 99.

Camponotus vezenyii Forel HNS 1907b: 34. NEW SYNONYMY . [ holotype w examined, MHNG ; Asunción , Paraguay ( Vezényi )] .

Camponotus crassus subsp. vezenyii Forel HNS . Forel 1911b: 291.

Camponotus (Myrmobrachys) crassus Mayr HNS . Forel 1914a: 270.

Camponotus (Myrmobrachys) crassus r. vezenyii Mayr HNS . Forel 1914a: 271.

Camponotus vezeni Forel HNS . Emery 1920a: 260.

Camponotus (Myrmobrachys) crassus var. picticornis Santschi HNS 1936: 421. NEW SYNONYMY .

Camponotus vezenyii Forel HNS . Kempf 1972: 54.

Camponotus (Myrmobrachys) crassus var. picticornis Santschi HNS . Kempf 1972: 51.

Camponotus crassus HNS is the most frequently recorded Camponotus HNS from Paraguay. This ant appears to be found in every terrestrial habitat type with woody vegetation of sufficient diameter to house the arboreal nests in hollow twigs. The coloration of the antennal scapes shows slight variation among collections, from testaceous to dark reddish brown. The amount of pilosity on the mesosomal dorsum also varies somewhat. Forel’s type of C. vezenyii HNS from Asunción is slightly more pilose and has lighter colored scapes than Mayr’s type of C. crassus HNS , but it still falls well within the range of variation observed in Paraguay and is synonymized here.

Santschi (1936) distinguished the variety C. picticornis HNS from C. crassus HNS on the basis of antennal scape color. I was unable to view Santschi’s types of C. picticornis HNS from Loreto, Argentina, but several other series from northern Argentina at NHMB identified by Santschi as C. picticornis HNS are within my conception of C. crassus HNS .


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