Sometimes taxonomists create new names for groups that already have a name. They may do this because they are unaware of the original name, or they may think the organism before them belongs to a different group when in fact it does not. If two or more names are found to apply to the same group, they are considered synonyms. In most cases, the first name takes priority and is considered to be the valid or accepted name. However, there can be exceptions, and it's not always easy to determine which of a series of synonyms should be considered valid or accepted. Here we list the synonyms provided to EOL by our classification partners. We also include other versions of the name that most likely refer to the same group, for example, misspellings in the literature or different variations of the authorship associated with the name.

Preferred marks the preferred name from each source.

Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)

Name Relationship
Ciliophora Preferred
Euciliata Junior synonym

NCBI Taxonomy

Name Relationship
Ciliophora Preferred
Ciliata Synonym


Name Relationship
Ciliophora Preferred
Lochus Delphy 1938
Puytoracia Raabe 1972
Bütschliella Awerinzew 1908
Imperfecta Busch 1948
Butschliella Awerinzew 1908
Mixotricha Dragesco & Dragesco-Kerneis, 1986
Sciurella Kopperi 1937
Leptodiscus Tucolesco 1962
Microcetus Orpin & Mathiesen 1986
Olla Koshevoj 1987
Causia Koshevoj 1987
Rhipidostoma Cunha & Muniz 1925
Rhabdothorax Latteur & Bousez 1970
Tiarella Cheissin 1931
Telostoma Corliss 1960
Malacosoma Kopperi 1937
Rossiella Makar'eva 1979
Protospira Raabe 1968
Chystophrys Bresslau 1922
Polydinium Kofoid 1935
Pterodinium Latteur & Dartevelle 1971
Phasmatopsis Deroux 1978
Distoxum Doflein 1929


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