Continent: Asia
Distribution: Sri Lanka (lowland rain forest and a few isolated moist forests in the dry zone)  
Type locality: Morningside Forest, Eastern Sinharaja, Sri Lanka, 06°24’N, 80°36’E, elevation 1080 m.
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Calotes desilvai

Calotes desilvai, commonly known as the Morningside lizard, or the Ceylon black-band whistling lizard, is a species of lizard in the Agamidae family. It is one of seven Calotes species endemic to Sri Lanka.


The specific name, desilvai, is in honor of Sri Lankan herpetologist Anslem De Silva.[1]


Morningside lizard is closely related to another endemic lizard, Calotes liolepis in almost all aspects. It has distinct transverse black bands on gular pouch area. Neck region is black in color. Anatomically, morningside lizard comparatively larger than the other species, with much longer femur and long arms. It has more carinate scales on the body and possessing a shorter posterior supra-tympanic spine. Prominent orbital rim. Temporal region without enlarged scales. Nostrils oval, laterally orientated. Tympanum rounded.

Body is bright green, with some ashy scale patches. Body with four black, irregular, broad bars, partially interrupted with green blotches. There are two narrower black bands can be seen on neck. A distinct black band extends from eye to the back of the head. Fingers and toes with black crossbars. Tail has 18 transverse black bands. Female is similar in color to male. [2]


Morningside lizard is found to be a point endemic species, where only few forest patches of Morningside Forest Reserve is home for the animal, where tea and rubber plantations and nearby home gardens are favoured.


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Further reading[edit]

  • Bahir MM, Maduwage KP. 2005. Calotes desilvai, a new species of agamid lizard from Morningside Forest, Sri Lanka. Raffles Bull. Zool. Supplement No. 12: 381-392.
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