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The Australasian genus Myron Gray, 1849 has been considered monotypic with Richardson’s Mangrove Snake, Myron richardsonii Gray, the type species. Recently, two new species were described, Karns’ Mangrove Snake, Myron karnsi, from the eastern Indonesian Aru Islands and Resetar’s Mangrove Snake, Myron resetari, from the west coast of Australia (Murphy, 2011). Richardson’s Mangrove Snake is now restricted to the northern coast of Australia from the Gulf of Carpentaria and the south coast of New Guinea. Myron is one of the smallest homalopsids, and most specimens are less than 40 cm. The diet includes fish, gastropods, and possibly crustaceans. Like other aquatic homalopsids they are live-bearing, rear-fanged snakes.


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