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Smilodon was a large animal, roughly the size of a lion, but built like a bear (1). It was very muscular and had a far greater percentage of muscle weight compared to total weight in it's body. The largest Smilodon species is Smilodon populator, weighing between 882 lb to 900 lb (1)(3).

Smilodon had large canine teeth that looked like sabers (1)(2)(3) in the front of its mouth.

Characteristic sheet

Smilodon populator: 882-900 lb (1)(3)

Smilodon gracilis:121-221 lb (3)

Smilodon fatalis: 353-617 lb (3)

Teeth: The canine teeth of Smilodon are long, blade-like and are curved slightly towars the throat (1)(3). Canines are the saber teeth that are the main charateristic of Smilodon (1)(2)(3).

Jaw: The jaw of Smilodon can open up to 130 degree angle (3). On the contrary, modern cats can only extend their jaws to a 60 degree angle (3)(4).


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