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Adelomyrmex samoanus Wilson & Taylor HNS (Figs. 68, 76)

Adelomyrmex (Arctomyrmex) samoanus Wilson & Taylor HNS , 1967:77 (w).

Adelomyrmex samoanus HNS : Bolton, 1995:58. [ Paratypes examined, LACM ].

Worker measurements (Paratype). HL 0.51 HW 0.41 SL 0.29 EL 0.04 WL 0.50 GL 0.59 TL 1.94 CI 80 SI 71.

Worker diagnosis. Mandibles with 5 teeth, the basal distanced from sub-basal. Hypostomal tooth very small. Eyes poorly impressed with about 4 ommatidia, ill defined. Promesonotum slightly convex. Metanotal groove broad, well impressed. Propodeal dorsum short, flat, then sloping in the declivity face. Propodeal spines triangular. Propodeal lobes rounded. Petiole subtriangular, peduncle very short. Postpetiole ventrally with two transverse carinae. U-shaped trench of first tergum deep. Dorsum of head with longitudinal rugulae. Promesonotum smooth, feebly shining, with a few irregular feeble rugulae. Metanotal groove with short rugulae. Declivity face of propodeum smooth with two medial transverse carinae. Sides of mesosoma with few irregular rugulae. Sides of petiole with transverse rugulae. Pilosity recostated on head, erect and scattered on promesonotum, petiole and gaster. Body brown, appendages lighter.

Queen and male: Unknown.

Material examined. SAMOA : 3 paratype w, West Samoa, Poutasi S., Upola, in leaf mould, rain forest , 2.ii.1956 , T.E. Woodward leg. ( LACM , ICN ) .

Comments. A. samoanus HNS can be separated from other species by the sculpturing of the body (head sub-opaque with longitudinal rugulae, smooth pronotum with few and weak rugulae), mesosomal configuration, and the pilosity (reclining on the head, erect on the rest of the body).

This species is known solely from Western Samoa.


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