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Zrzavý et al (2009) suggest the Rouse & Fauchald (1997) clades of "Scolecida" (Arenicolidae, Maldanidae, Orbiniidae, etc) and "Canalipalpata" (Sabellida, Spionida, Terebellida) are both polyphyletic, forming instead two clades: one including Cirratuliformia and the "sabelloid-spionoid clade" (incl. Sternaspis, Sabellidae-Serpulidae, Sabellariidae, Spionida s. str.), the other ("terebelloid-capitelloid clade") including Terebelliformia, Arenicolidae-Maldanidae, and Capitellidae-Echiurida.
  • Zrzavý, J.; Xíha, P.; Piálek, L.; Janouškovec, J. (2009). Phylogeny of Annelida (Lophotrochozoa): total-evidence analysis of morphology and six genes - art. no. 189. Bmc Evolutionary Biology 9: 189-189.
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