Flowering Plants Visited by Philanthus gibbosus in Illinois

Philanthus gibbosus Fabricius: Sphecidae (Philanthinae), Hymenoptera
(observations are from Robertson, Graenicher, and Reed)

Anacardiaceae: Rhus copallina [pist sn fq] (Rb), Rhus glabra [stam sn] (Rb); Apiaceae: Cicuta maculata sn (Rb), Eryngium yuccifolium sn (Rb), Pastinaca sativa sn (Rb), Sium suave sn (Rb); Asclepiadaceae: Asclepias sullivanti [plab sn] (Rb); Asteraceae: Arnoglossum atriplicifolium sn (Rb), Aster drummondii sn (Gr), Aster lanceolatus sn (Rb, Gr), Aster lateriflorus sn (Gr), Aster pilosus sn (Rb), Aster puniceus sn (Gr), Coreopsis tripteris sn (Rb), Eupatorium perfoliatum sn (Rb, Gr), Eupatorium serotinum sn (Rb), Eupatorium sessilifolium sn fq (Rb), Rudbeckia hirta sn (Gr), Solidago canadensis sn (Gr), Solidago juncea sn (Gr), Solidago nemoralis sn (Rb); Caprifoliaceae: Symphoricarpos occidentalis sn (Gr), Symphoricarpos orbiculatus sn fq (Rb); Fabaceae: Strophostyles helvola [exfl sn] (Rb); Lamiaceae: Lycopus americanus sn (Rb), Pycnanthemum pilosum sn (Rb), Pycnanthemum tenuifolium sn fq (Rb), Pycnanthemum virginianum sn (Re); Polygonaceae: Fallopia scandens sn (Rb), Persicaria hydropiperoides sn (Rb), Persicaria lapathifolia sn (Rb); Salicaceae: Salix interior [stam sn fq] (Rb); Scrophulariaceae: Scrophularia marilandica sn (Rb)


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Molecular Biology and Genetics

Molecular Biology

Statistics of barcoding coverage: Philanthus gibbosus

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Philanthus gibbosus

Philanthus gibbosus (commonly referred to as a beewolf) is a species of bee-hunting wasp, the most common and widespread member of the genus in North America.

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