Flowering Plants Visited by Agapostemon sericea in Illinois

Agapostemon sericea Forster: Halictidae (Halictinae), Hymenoptera
(observations are from Robertson, Graenicher, Moure & Hurd, Mitchell, Reed, Conger, Grundel et al.)

Acanthaceae: Justicia americana sn (Rb, Cng); Alismataceae: Alisma plantago-aquatica sn (Rb); Anacardiaceae: Rhus copallina [pist sn] (Rb), Rhus glabra [stam sn cp] [pist sn] (Rb); Apiaceae: Cicuta maculata sn (Rb), Cryptotaenia canadensis sn (Rb), Erigenia bulbosa sn (Rb), Eryngium yuccifolium sn (Rb), Heracleum maximum sn cp (Rb), Osmorhiza longistylis sn cp (Rb), Perideridia americana sn (Rb), Zizia aurea sn (Rb); Apocynaceae: Apocynum androsaemifolium [plup sn] (MH), Apocynum cannabinum [plpr sn] (Rb, MH); Asclepiadaceae: Asclepias syriaca [plpr sn] (Rb), Asclepias verticillata [plab sn] (Rb); Asteraceae: Ageratina altissima sn (Gr), Antennaria neglecta [unsp sn] (Gr), Anthemis cotula sn cp (Gr), Arctium lappa sn cp (Gr), Arctium minus sn (Rb), Arnoglossum muhlenbergii sn (Rb), Aster drummondii sn (Gr), Aster dumosus (Gnd), Aster ericoides (Re), Aster furcatus sn (Gr), Aster laevis sn cp (Gr), Aster lanceolatus sn (Rb, Gr), Aster lateriflorus sn (Gr), Aster novae-angliae sn (Gr), Aster ontarionis (Re), Aster oolentangiensis (Re), Aster pilosus sn fq (Rb), Aster prenanthoides sn (Gr), Aster puniceus sn cp (Gr), Aster salicifolius sn cp (Rb), Aster sericeus (Re), Bidens aristosa sn cp (Rb), Boltonia asterioides sn (Rb), Cirsium arvense sn cp (Gr), Cirsium vulgare sn (Rb, Gr), Conyza canadensis sn (Gr), Coreopsis palmata sn cp (Rb), Coreopsis tripteris (Gnd), Erechtites hieracifolia sn (Rb), Erigeron annuus sn cp (Gr), Eupatorium serotinum sn fq (Rb), Euthamia graminifolia sn (Gr), Helenium autumnale sn (Gr), Helianthus grosseserratus sn cp (Rb), Helianthus strumosus sn (Gr), Heliopsis helianthoides sn cp (Gr), Ionactis linariifolius (Gnd), Ratibida pinnata sn (Rb, Gr), Rudbeckia hirta sn (Rb), Sencio aureus sn cp (Gr), Silphium integrifolium sn cp (Rb), Silphium perfoliatum sn cp (Rb), Silphium terebinthinaceum sn (Rb), Solidago juncea sn (Gr), Taraxacum officinale sn cp (Rb), Vernonia fasciculata sn (Rb); Brassicaceae: Arabis shortii sn (Rb), Dentaria laciniata sn (Rb), Lepidium virginicum sn (Rb), Sibara virginica sn (Rb); Caesalpiniaceae: Chamaecrista fasciculata [flwr csp np] (Rb), Gleditsia triacanthos sn cp (Rb); Campanulaceae: Campanulastrum americanum sn (Rb); Caprifoliaceae: Lonicera oblongifolia sn (Gr), Lonicera reticulata sn (Gr), Symphoricarpos albus sn (Gr), Symphoricarpos occidentalis sn (MH, Gr), Symphoricarpos orbiculatus sn fq (Rb), Viburnum prunifolium sn (Rb); Cornaceae: Cornus florida sn (Rb), Cornus obliqua sn cp fq (Rb), Cornus racemosa sn cp (Rb); Cucurbitaceae: Cucurbita foetidissima (MH); Dipsacaceae: Dipsacus fullonum sn cp (Rb); Ebenaceae: Diospyros virginiana [stam sn cp np] (Rb); Fabaceae: Cercis canadensis sn (Rb), Dalea candida sn (Rb), Dalea purpurea sn (Rb, Re), Melilotus alba sn (Rb), Orbexilum onobrychis sn cp (Rb), Trifolium repens sn cp fq (Rb); Geraniaceae: Geranium carolinianum sn cp (Rb); Grossulariaceae: Ribes missouriense sn np (Rb); Hydrophyllaceae: Hydrophyllum appendiculatum sn cp (Rb); Lamiaceae: Blephilia ciliata sn/cp (Cng), Blephilia hirsuta sn cp fq (Rb), Lycopus americanus sn (Rb), Monarda fistulosa sn@prf cp np (Rb, MH, Re), Nepeta cataria sn fq (Rb), Pycnanthemum pilosum sn fq (Rb), Pycnanthemum tenuifolium sn fq (Rb), Pycnanthemum virginianum sn fq (Rb, Re), Stachys aspera sn/cp (Cng), Teucrium canadense sn/cp (MH, Cng); Liliaceae: Camassia scilloides (MH), Clintonia borealis sn np (Gr), Smilacina stellata sn cp (Gr); Lythraceae: Lythrum alatum sn fq (Rb), Lythrum salicaria (Gnd); Malvaceae: Malva neglecta sn fq (Rb); Nelumbonaceae: Nelumbo lutea cp fq (Rb); Nymphaeaceae: Nymphaea tuberosa [cp fq] [dead np] (Rb); Oxalidaceae: Oxalis violacea sn (Rb); Polemoniaceae: Phlox pilosa (Gnd), Polemonium reptans sn (Rb); Polygonaceae: Persicaria hydropiperoides sn (Rb), Persicaria pensylvanica sn (Rb); Portulacaceae: Claytonia virginica sn cp (Rb); Ranunculaceae: Clematis virginiana [stam sn] (Rb), Delphinium tricorne cp np (Rb), Enemion biternatum cp/exp (Rb), Ranunculus fascicularis sn cp fq (Rb); Rhamnaceae: Ceanothus americanus (MH), Rhamnus lanceolata sn fq (Rb); Rosaceae: Amelanchier arborea sn (Rb), Aruncus dioicus [pist sn] (Rb), Fragaria virginiana (Mch), Potentilla norvegica sn fq (Rb), Prunus americana sn (Rb), Prunus serotina [flwr sn fq] (Rb), Rosa carolina cp (Rb), Rosa setigera cp (Rb), Rubus allegheniensis sn (Rb); Rubiaceae: Cephalanthus occidentalis sn (Rb); Rutaceae: Ptelea trifoliata sn (Rb); Salicaceae: Salix amygdaloides [stam sn] [pist sn] (Rb), Salix humilis [pist sn] (Rb), Salix interior [stam sn cp] (Rb), Salix nigra [stam sn cp] (Rb), Salix rigida [stam sn] [pist sn] (Rb); Scrophulariaceae: Mimulus ringens sn np (Cng); Smilacaceae: Smilax herbacea cp (Gr), Smilax tamnoides hispida sn cp (Rb, Gr); Solanaceae: Solanum carolinense cp (MH); Verbenaceae: Verbena hastata sn (Rb, Re, Cng), Verbena stricta sn fq (Rb), Verbena urticifolia sn fq (Rb)


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