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Body. Body shape not depressed. Dorsum of body sculpturing without callosities. Body size larger than 14 mm.

Head. Head shape not inflated or modified. Ocellus present. Frons shape, superior portion concave. Frontal scar absent. Clypeus profile angulate with frons.

Thorax. Pronotum width larger than transocular width. Pronotum, posterior portion not dorsally produced. Pronotum length not attaining mesonotal suture. Pronotum lateral margins convergent anteriorly. Pronotum sculpturing with punctures or fovea. Proepimeron as tall as wide. Proepimeron, posterior margin without projection. Metepimeron exposure concealed or exposed. Metepimeron aspect without projection.

Wings. Forewing development macropterous. Forewing texture opaque or coriaceous. Corium supranumerary veins restricted to apical costal transverse veins. Clavus supranumerary veins absent. Forewing number of anteapical cells three. Forewing claval veins parallel. Forewing coloration variable. Forewing costal sclerotized reddish triangle absent. Hindwing vein R2+3 absent.

Legs. Foretibia cylindrical. Hindfemur apical setal formula 2:0:0 or 2:1:0 or 2:1:1. Hindfemur length in rest position apex not reaching proepimeron.

Abdomen. Abdomen aspect unmodified.

Male Genitalia. Pygofer base of dorsal margin emarginate. Pygofer setation mostly macrosetae. Pygofer processes absent. Conjunctiva IX-X membranous. Subgenital plates length almost or attaining pygofer apex. Subgenital plates fused only basally. Subgenital plates inner margin straight. Subgenital plates apex without processes. Connective, anterior arms separated anteriorly. Aedeagal preatrium short. Aedeagus apical processes absent. Paraphyses present.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)

D.M. Takiya, D.A. Dmitriev

Source: 3I Interactive Keys and Taxonomic Databases

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