Data about <i>Pogonophryne neyelovi</i>


Data about <i>Pogonophryne neyelovi</i>
geographic distribution includes
Additional detail Antarctic (Pacific): Ross Sea FishBase  

Physical Description

Data about <i>Pogonophryne neyelovi</i>
body length (CMO)
Additional detail 35 cm female FishBase  
Additional detail 35.5 cm male or unsexed FishBase  


Data about <i>Pogonophryne neyelovi</i>
water depth min
Additional detail 700 m FishBase  
max Additional detail 1,390 m FishBase  
Additional detail canal
  • canal
    Artificial watercourse with no flow or a controlled flow used for navigation, drainage or irrigation.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail oceanic bathypelagic zone biome
  • oceanic bathypelagic zone biome
    The bathypelagic zone biome comprises the marine water column below approximately 1000 m water depth - the maximum depth to which detectable daylight penetrates in all but the clearest oligotrophic waters - and extends to about 2500 - 2700 m water depth. In the temperate Atlantic, the beginning of the bathypelagic zone biome approximates to the deep oxygen minimum and the base of the permanent thermocline.
Additional detail sand
  • sand
    A naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail sea
  • sea
    A large expanse of saline water usually connected with an ocean.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail sea water environment FishBase  


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