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 Length of body 9 mm, of fore wing 8 mm and of antenna 12 mm.  Head. Antenna with 59 flagellomeres. Terminal flagellomere acuminate. Median flagellomeres approximately 3 × longer than wide. 3rd segment of maxillary palp and 2nd segment of labial palp not swollen, rather elongate, 3rd segment 6 × longer than maximally deep. Face rather protruding and with well developed transverse striation. Frons with strong oblique striation reaching to midlongitudinal groove. Distance between posterior ocelli: transverse diameter of posterior ocellus: shortest distance between posterior ocellus and eye = 1:3.2:2.5. Vertex with strong groove running from stemmaticum to occipital carina. Occipital carina complete, strongly lamelliform laterally, weak mediodorsally.   Mesosoma. Notauli very deep, crenulate posteriorly, meeting before scutellar sulcus. Mesoscutum without midposterior pit. Scutellar sulcus wide with single carina medially. Mesopleuron largely smooth and shiny with some small punctures, precoxal sulcus long, weakly impressed, largely smooth. Median area of metanotum with complete midlongitudinal ridge. Propodeum largely shiny with deep punctures, with lateral carinae distinct posteriorly and protruding.   Fore wing. Vein 2-CU1 5.0 × longer than 1-CU1. Vein 3-SR 3.0 × longer than r. Vein SR1 1.45 × longer than 3-SR.   Hind wing. Vein M+CU approximately as long as 1-M. Vein 2-SC+R quadrate (interstitial). Vein m-cu absent.   Metasoma. 1st metasomal tergite 1.65 × longer than posteriorly wide; posteriorly with well-developed shoulders. 2nd metasoma 1.15 × longer than 3rd tergite, and 1.1 × wider than long. Metasomal tergites 1-3 with strong midlongitudinal carina. Tergites 1-6 densely deeply punctate with punctures forming irregular longitudinal rows separated by striae. Hypopygium weakly curved ventrally.   Coloration. Antennae largely black. Body and legs largely pale brown yellow, apex of hind tibia and hind tarsus and stemmaticum black. Wing venation largely brown yellow, basal 0.6 of pterostigma and veins at same level dark brown; membrane uniformly hyaline. 


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)

© Donald L. J. Quicke, M. Alex Smith, Jan Hrcek, Buntika Areekul Butcher

Source: Journal of Hymenoptera Research

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