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Allobates marchesianus, the dull rocket frog, is a dendrobatid frog widespread and common in the Amazon basin of Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, and Peru.  Although also reported in Bolivia (Reichle and Köhler 1996), this record is thought to be in error (de la Riva et al. 2000); many species within the genus are very similar in appearance and behavior and difficult to distinguish and Caldwell et al. (2002) suggest that A. marchesianus is probably a species complex.  The dull rocket frog is small, with a snout-vent length measured between 13.8-18.2 mm (males and females of similar size).  These frogs are terrestrial and live in the leaf litter of primary tropical forests.  They have cryptic coloration with a dark- or red-brown dorsal surface and a tan stripe down the sides of its body, a yellow throat displayed during aggressive behaviors, white belly, and bronze irises.  Though they are terrestrial, their hind toes are webbed (Caldwell et al. 2002; Edwards 1974; Juncá 1998).

Males call at dawn and dusk during the rainy season to advertise for females from up to 2-3 meters from their terrestrial nest.  Both male and female frogs are territorial and defend their nesting sites from conspecifics.  After mating the female lays a clutch of 6-14 eggs.  Males provide parental care for eggs, until they hatch about 30 days after they are laid, and then he transports the tadpoles on his back to a pond, flooded stream or other temporary water source, where they develop (Juncá 1998; Caldwell et al. 2002).  Juncá (1998) describes the mating process in detail for a site near Manaus, Brazil; he also observed a female transporting tadpoles.


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