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"The Dulzura Kangaroo Rat is an excellent swimmer; its long hind feet are as well adapted for swimming as for hopping. On land, it usually makes short hops on its hind feet, but can hurry along using all four feet. It is the most common kangaroo rat of California's southern coast. A seed eater, or granivore, this rodent also consumes green vegetation and insects. It lives mostly on slopes, washes, and areas of open chaparral, and digs its burrows in gravelly or sandy soils. The average burrow has seven side branches and two areas for caching food. Individuals in the northern part of the range are smaller and make more complex burrows than those made by the larger individuals in the south. Soils in the north, where it is cooler and moister, are easier to dig in than soils in the south."

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Source: Smithsonian's North American Mammals


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