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Rhacophorus arvalis is a medium-sized tree frog, with male SVL of 39.9-46.4 mm and females 59.5-64.0 mm in SVL. It can be distinguished from congeners by the combination of a green supratympanic fold, uniformly green dorsum, white stripe on flank, white venter, skin flaps along forearm and tarsus that are narrowed and smoothed, forearm flap extending along the outer dege of the fourth finger, a prominent palmar tubercle, thigh that is uniformly pink, and pink foot webbing (Lue et al. 1995).

Coloration in life: The dorsum can vary from dark green to nearly yellow. Supratympanic fold green. Upper lip is white; a single white stripe continues onto the flank. Flank below the white stripe is dark purple. Lower lip and edge of gular region are silver gray to white. Venter is grayish white while the infraanal region is white. Forelimb is green above and white below, with a white fold running along the outer edge from forearm to finger IV and a black stripe under the white fold. Fingers I and II pink on both dorsal and ventral surfaces. Fingers II and IV green (except pink tips) dorsally; Fingers III and IV pink on ventral surfaces. Hindlimb is green above, white below, with white fringe present from outer edge of tibiotarsal joint to tip of toe V. Thigh is dark pink on anterior and posterior margins; posterior thigh has a horizontal stripe that is particularly prominent behind the anus. Toes I-III are pink above and below. Toes IV and V are greenish dorsally, but gradually reddening toward tip. All toe tips are pink. Ventral surface of foot is pink. The iris yellow, with a black horizontal pupil. There is no sexual dimorphism in color pattern (Lue et al. 1995).

The tadpole has a depressed body that is elliptical when viewed from above, with a weak lateral constriction. Dorsal surfaces are dark brown with irregularly-shaped black spotting. Ventral skin is silver-white except for the transparent midbody (Lue et al. 1995).

First described by Lue et al. (1995). The species name arvalis is derived from the Latin word for agriculture and refers to the discovery of this frog in agricultural areas.

This species has 2n = 26 chromosomes, consisting of five large and eight small pairs. Pair numbers 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12 are metacentric, while pair numbers 2, 3, 10, and 13 are submetacentric (Lue et al. 1995).


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