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 Trees 5–7 m; girth to 15 cm. Branchlets terete to slightly compressed, the epidermis later becoming fissured; indumentum densely sericeous, mostly yellowish or somewhat ferrugineous but becoming more whitish with age. Leaves opposite, evenly distributed along branchlets, discolorous, glossy above and below, the nacreous sheen below imparted by the dense, tightly appressed greenish-white indumentum. Colleters absent. Petioles 5–6.5 mm long, somewhat flattened above, densely sericeous (or somewhat tomentose with age), the indumentum yellowish but aging whitish. Leaf blades (3.5–)6.0–10.0 cm long, (1.8–)2.5–3.7 cm wide, narrowly ovate to ovate, surface flat or slightly wavy; base cuneate, apex acuminate and occasionally somewhat falcate, tip acute; venation perfect basal acrodromous; secondary veins numerous but thin, ca. 0.8–2.0 mm apart; marginal nerve prominent, mostly 0.7–0.9 mm from mid-leaf margins; margins flat; adaxial surface sparsely sericeous, midvein flush throughout, oil glands invisible; abaxial surface densely sericeous with greenish-whitish indumentum but this mostly not obscuring venation, midvein raised throughout, oil glands invisible. Inflorescence (limited material) a 3-flowered cyme, terminal, solitary (one per leaf subtending leaf); peduncle ca. 5 mm, stiff, terete in transsection, densely yellowish-orangish sericeous; pedicel to ca. 3 mm long, indumentum as per peduncle. Bracteoles 2, narrowly triangular and stiffly erect, ca. 2 mm long, ca. 0.5 mm wide, sericeous, sometimes persisting into fruit. Hypanthium cupulate, densely sericeous, oil glands absent, texture smooth. Calyx lobes 4, 2.3–3.5 mm long, broadly ovate, sericeous above, densely sericeous below, more or less reflexed in fruit. Petals 4, 5.5–7.0 mm long, width uncertain (material scanty), apparently obovate to broadly obovate, white (based on specimen label), sparsely sericeous above, densely sericeous below. Staminal disk 2.5–3.5 mm wide, densely short-hairy. Ovary apex densely short-hairy. Stamen number uncertain but almost certainly greater than 20, filaments and anthers red (from specimen label); anthers subcylindrical (material scanty), ca. 0.5 mm. Stigma not seen. Locule 1, placentation parietal, placentas 2, ovules numerous. Fruit (reportedly immature) globose-subglobse, up to 8 mm long and 9.5 mm wide, light green when immature, densely sericeous but indumentum thinning with maturity. Seeds irregularly angular, up to 4 mm long (small sample), up to 9 per fruit, crowded; seed coat hard. Embryos not seen.


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Source: PhytoKeys

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