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 Trees to ca. 5.5 m. Bark of main bole unknown. Indumentum (branchlets, leaves, flowers, fruit) mostly densely tomentose-lanate, the trichomes highly crisped, ferrugineous, and generally somewhat appressed (see also description of abaxial leaf surface below). Branchlets terete to slightly compressed, reddish-brown (dried); epidermis smooth but finely and evenly striate throughout becoming somewhat fissured with age; oil glands sparse to common (obscured by indumentum on younger branchlets). Leaves opposite, evenly distributed along branchlets, somewhat discolorous; venation perfect basal to slightly suprabasal perfect or imperfect acrodromous, secondary and higher order veins abaxially prominent, the secondaries varying greatly in prominence (and thus hard to estimate numerically) but mostly spaced (2–)3–7 mm along the midvein; intramarginal vein less pronounced than the secondary veins, paralleling leaf margin closely, mostly ca. 0.5–1.0 mm from margin at midpoint of blade. Colleters absent. Petioles 9.0–13.5 mm long, terete, densely lanate-tomentose. Leaf blades 6.5–12.0 cm long, 3.1–5.2 cm wide, elliptic to ovate, base cuneate to nearly rounded, apex acute to acuminate, tip acute to acuminate; adaxial surface matte, initially lanate but becoming glabrescent, midvein slightly impressed throughout; abaxial surface lanate along midvein and secondary veins when younger, increasingly glabrous with age, densely/minutely hoary between veins, midvein raised prominently throughout. Inflorescence lateral in current season’s growth, flowers solitary to mostly densely fascicled, sessile to subsessile with pedicels up to 5 mm long, the pedicels lax, sometimes bending. Bracteoles ca. 2.0–2.5 mm long, ca. 0.5 mm wide at base, linear, persisting in flower and frequently in fruit. Hypanthium cupulate. Calyx lobes 2.5–3.5 mm long, ovate, apex obtuse, densely hairy abaxially but adaxially less so (especially proximally) with age, persisent and erect in fruit. Petals (material scanty), ca. 4.0–4.5 mm long, up to 3.5 mm wide, broadly obovate, more or less glabrous adaxially, densely lanate abaxially. Staminal disk ca. 4.5 mm in diameter; staminal ring narrow, shortly villous-lanate (trichomes whitish-yellow). Stamens numerous (estimated 75–105); anthers sacs (material scanty) cylindrical, ca. 1.0 mm long, bearing a single apical gland; filament length unknown. Styles not seen, but persisting bases densely lanate in fruit. Ovary with 1 locule; placentas 2; placentation parietal; ovules numerous. Fruit subglobose, 7.5–8.5 mm long (probably immature) x 8.0–9.5 mm wide, greenish when young but becoming brownish on account of dense indumentum. Seeds somewhat compressed, ca. 1–2 mm thick.


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Source: PhytoKeys

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