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 Holotype with body widest mid-anteriorly, tapering gradually anteriorly and posteriorly. Antennae small, distally subacute, aligned over mid-palps. Brown epidermal pigmentation present anterodorsally and posterodorsally.Prostomium triangular, deeply cleaved anteriorly. Longitudinal groove extending from tip to posterior part of prostomium,slightly indented laterally. Eyes 2 pairs, black, arranged obliquely, posterior pair considerably smaller. Posterodorsal tentacular cirri extending posteriorly to chaetiger 2. Jaws with 8 teeth, 4 subterminal and 4 ensheathed proximally.Acicular neuropodial ligule bilobed, superior lobe larger than inferior lobe. Dorsal cirri increasing in length posteriorly. Typically less than 4 sesquigomph spinigers in neuropodial supra-acicular fascicle in midbody. Notochaetae absent in all parapodia. Heterogomph chaetae with boss not lengthened. Supra-neuroacicular falcigers in chaetiger 10 with finely serrated blades, 9–12 teeth, approximately uniform in length. Sub-neuroacicular falcigers in chaetiger 10 with roughly serrated blades, about 20 teeth. Sub-neuroacicular spinigers in anterior region (up to segment 50) with blades finely serrated. Sub-neuroacicular spinigers in mid and posterior region (from about segment 70) with blades coarsely serrated proximally. Supra-neuroacicular spinigers in mid and posterior region with blades finely serrated. Pygidium with multi-incised rim, black with two lateral anal cirri.


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© Mathan Magesh, Sebastian Kvist, Christopher J. Glasby

Source: ZooKeys

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