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 The holotypic represents a small heterodontosaurid that is preserved on a small block of sandstone matrix (Figs 5B, 82) collected at Voyizane (Fig. 1B) near sites that yielded the best-preserved remains of Heterodontosaurus tucki (SAM-PK-K337, -K1332). Only portions of the skull are preserved, which includes the right postorbital, both dentaries, and the predentary. Further preparation or computed-tomographic imaging may allow identification of other elements. The anterior end of the lower jaws is preserved close to their natural articulation. The left dentary has slid slightly ventral to the right dentary, exposing a portion of its symphyseal articular surface (Figs 82–84). Bones that should be present medial to the dentaries, such as the coronoid and splenial, have moved from their natural articulation if they are preserved.
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