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Adinodon pattersoni (by Hershkovitz, 1995)

"Adinodon" is a genus that P. Hershkovitz added to didelphimorphia (opossums) in 1995, based on a partial, toothless jawbone identified by Patterson in 1956. Patterson "consider[ed] the specimen to represent an interesting but presently unidentifiable 'therian of metatherian-eutherian grade'" (Sargis & Springer, 2008). In other words, the jaw bone is definitely that of a marsupial, most likely belonging to the Opossum family, and extinct to the best of our knowledge. The specimen was found in Montague County, Texas.

"Hershkovitz  (1995) erected the new genus and species Adinodon pattersoni, based on an edentulous dentary from the Aptian or Albian of Texas. Based on an apparently "staggered" incisor series, he placed Adinodon in the Marsupialia (family "Marmosidae"). Regardless of the condition of the incisor series, the specimen is unidentifiable beyond the fact that it represents some type of boreosphenidan. We...[regard]...Adinodon pattersoni Hershkovitz, (1995), as a nomen dubium" (Kielan-Jaworowska, 2004).


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