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Shrubs or subshrubs. Leaves with caudate apex and cuneate base; margin entire. Inflorescence spike-like, terminal or axillary. Bracts longer than calyx. Calyx divided ± to base into linear lobes. Corolla ± actinomorphic, with contorted aestivation in bud, usually white with purple or pink markings. Stamens 4. Ovary 2-locular with 2 ovules per loculus. Seeds with hygroscopic 1-seriate hairs.
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Source: Flora of Zimbabwe


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Acanthopale is a plant genus in the Acanthaceae plant family. The genus name is based on the classic Greek words for thorn ákantha and stake palum. Some species in the genus are cultivated as ornamental plants.


Generally unaccepted species[edit]

  • Acanthopale cameronensis
  • Acanthopale cuneifolia
  • Acanthopale humblotii
  • Acanthopale madagascariensis
  • Acanthopale ramiflora



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