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Flabellina marcusorum

Flabellina marcusorum, (Spanish common name: Eolidáceo de Marcus)[3] is a species of sea slug, an aolid nudibranch, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Flabellinidae.[4]



Flabellina marcusorum grows to a maximum length of 25 - 30 mm and has a mainly translucent pink or orange body colour.[2][3] Elongate rhinophores, foot corners[5] and cerata are tipped with an opaque white (or sometimes opaque yellow), with a broad, purple band beneath. The posterior face of the rhinophores may have up to one hundred papillae.[6] The oral tentacles are elongate and thin, and are longer than the rhinophores.[5]

This species is very similar in colouration to the recently described African species Flabellina arveloi[6]


Flabellina marcusorum is know to occur in two disjunct populations in the waters of central and south America: one group on the west coast of central America in the eastern Pacific Ocean, and the other on the east side of the continent in the Caribbean and in the western Atlantic Ocean down to Brazil,[6][2] and as far east as the Galapagos Islands[3]


This species is found in shallow waters in the subtidal and intertidal zones at depths of less than 200 metres.[3]


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