Sylt Island (North Frisian Islands), North Sea
Collection date: 1972-1975
Comments: semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat

Sandy beach on eastern shore of Sylt. Litoralstation (old littoral station), Biological Institute Helgoland, Biologische Anstalt Helgoland (BAH), List, Sylt
Collection date: 1967-1968
Depth: eulittoral, littoral
Substrate: sandy beach (middlelotic), sandy beach slope, sandy beach slopes and wadden areas, wadden areas
Comments: sandy beach, upper 4 cm of sand in summer, deeper into the sediment in winter

sand beach near Sile (Artane, Chile, Schile, Kilia), Black Sea (Chernoe More, Chernoye More, Euxine Sea, Schwarzes Meer), Turkey
Collection date: Sep 26, 1956
Depth: 1 m
Substrate: fine to medium sand

Cemaes Bay (Cemmaes), Anglesey, North Wales, United Kingdom
Collection date: 1958-1961
Substrate: fine sand
Comments: rare at MTL.

Arcachon Bay (Bassin d'Arcachon), Petit Nice, French Atlantic Coast, France
Collection date: prior to 1927
Kind: default type
Substrate: sand

Le Moulleau, Arcachon, Aquitaine, France
Collection date: Aug 1927
Kind: default type
Depth: eulittoral
Substrate: diatom sand
Comments: Plage de Moulleau, Arcachon.

La Teste de Buch (La Teste), Aquitaine, France
Collection date: Sep 1968
Depth: eulittoral
Substrate: medium sand
Comments: detritus rich, at the edge of the water.

Hornum (Hörnum, Hoernum), Sylt Island, Germany
Collection date: Jul 1949
Depth: sublittoral
Substrate: fine sand

Amrum Island, (North Frisian Islands), North Sea
Collection date: 1955 or earlier
Depth: littoral
Substrate: coarse sand

Klubban beach, Klubban, near Kristineberg, Sweden
Collection date: Aug 1948
Substrate: gravel
Comments: Karling in Westblad 1953.

Skagerrak (Skagerak), (Gullmarfjord), Norwegian Channel, Sweden
Collection date: Jul 1965
Substrate: fine sand
Comments: from Körviken, material from W. Sterrer.

off Buelk (Bülk, Bulk) Kiel Bay (Kieler Bucht; Kielerbugt; Nisler Bach), Germany
Collection date: Nov 1950
Depth: 6 m
Substrate: medium to coarse sand

Kiel Bay (Kieler Bucht, Kieler Bay, Kielerbugt, Nisler Bach), Germany
Collection date: Nov 1950
Depth: 5-6 m
Substrate: medium to coarse sand
Comments: Stoller Grund.

Koenigs Bay (Koenigshafens, Konigshafen, Königshafen), Sylt Island, Germany, North Sea
Collection date: 1985 or earlier
Substrate: sand
Comments: deep sulfide layer at depths of more than 5 cm below the sediment surface. Species found at least 3 times.

Koenigs Bay (Koenigshafens, Konigshafen, Königshafen), Sylt Island, Germany, North Sea
Collection date: Jun 1983
Substrate: medium sand
Comments: Königshaften. Zwei Sandufer eines Salzwiesenpriels, -5 bis + 30 cm, Mittelsand. b) stärker exponiert, je 10 x 2 cm2.
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