Eucalyptus aromaphloia

Eucalyptus aromaphloia, commonly known as Creswick Apple-box, Scented Bark or Scent-bark, is a species of plant in the myrtle family that is endemic to the state of Victoria in south-eastern Australia. The specific epithet is derived from the Greek aroma (“smell”) and phloios (“bark”), referring to the scent of the bark. [1][2]


Scent-bark grows as a small to medium-sized tree, with a spreading crown, up to about 18 m in height. It has a relatively short, often crooked trunk. The dark grey to black bark is thick and rough up to the small branches, fibrous and furrowed longitudinally, with a distinct scent when rubbed. The branchlets are smooth and salmon-coloured. The leaves are dark green on both sides, with prominent veins, 75-200 mm long, 10-20 mm wide. It bears white flowers from January to April.[1][2]


The range of the species is limited to western Victoria. The nominate subspecies is found from the eastern Grampians eastwards to Daylesford and southwards to the coast at Anglesea. E. a. sabulosa occurs from the central Grampians westwards to the Little Desert and south-westwards to Cavendish.[2]


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