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Habitat: Sand or Rock (Thandar & Rowe, 1989). This species is mainly known from the Pacific Ocean, from Indonesia to Easter Island and from China and Hawaii to Northern Australia. There are two records from the Indian Ocean (North West Coast of Australia) by Marsh et al. (1993) and South Africa by Thandar & Rowe (1989) (Massin, 1996). Also recorded in East Indies, north Australia, Philippines and South Pacific Is. (Clark & Rowe, 1971); Australia (Rowe & Gates, 1995). Ecology: benthic, inshore, detritus feeder, deposit feeder. General distribution: tropical, Indo-west Pacific Ocean, depth range 0-10 m. (Rowe & Gates, 1995).
  • Thandar, A.S. & F.W.E. Rowe (1989). New species and new records of apodous holothurians (Echinodermata, Holothuroidea) from southern Africa. Zoologica Scripta 18(1): 145 - 155.
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Source: World Register of Marine Species


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