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Pseudolasius dodo HNS , sp. n.

[[ worker ]]. Reddish yellow, shining, gaster somewhat darker, whole body furnished with longer and shorter outstanding hairs.

Head a little longer than broad, sides and posterior angles rounded, posterior border excised in middle, mandibles long, rather narrow, masticatory border armed with six teeth, counting from the base first longer than second, third longer than first and fourth, fifth as' long as third, but sharper, apical tooth longer and sharper than the rest; clypeus large, triangular, convex, anterior border straight, widely but slightly excised in middle, sinuate at sides, posterior border round, narrowly excised in middle; clypeal foveas not confluent with antennal foveas; frontal area not clearly defined; frontal carinas short, almost straight and parallel; eyes black, moderate, round, situated on dorsal surface and about the centre of sides of head; antennas fairly long, 12 - jointed, scape extending a little beyond posterior border of head, funiculus with first joint longer and broader than those immediately following, last four joints longer and slightly broader than the rest, the first three of which are subequal in length, last joint longer than the two preceding taken together; palpi short, maxillary palpi 5 - jointed, labial palpi 3 - jointed. Thorax robust, longer than broad, broadest about centre of pronotum, narrower than head; pronotum transverse, convex, anterior border and sides rounded and narrowly margined; mesonotum round oval, convex, projecting; metanotum narrow, transverse, broader at sides, spiracles situated on each side of disc; epinotum large, transverse, convex, angle between dorsal surface and declivity rounded, declivity longer than dorsal surface, rather flat, spiracles round, somewhat prominent; scale of petiole erect, narrow, longer than broad, sides straight, anterior and posterior surfaces flat, upper surface straight, anterior angles abruptly rounded; gaster, short, broad oval, rounded anteriorly, and somewhat overhanging scale, bluntly pointed posteriorly.

Long. 2.7 - 3 mm.

No. 81. Described from 24 [[ worker ]] [[ worker ]], taken on Le Pouce Mt., Mauritius, December 7, 1940, by J. Vinson,

Type in B. M. Coll.


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