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 Measurements of males (holotype): BL 3.61–4.00 (3.61); FL 2.95–3.11 (2.95); PL 0.89–0.95 (0.95); EL 1.50–1.56 (1.56); SEL 0.10–0.12 (0.12); HW 0.83–0.89 (0.89); PW 1.39–1.45 (1.45); EW 1.56–1.61 (1.61); relative length of antennomeres I–XI: 20: 13: 14: 8: 12: 12: 12: 11: 12: 11: 28. Measurements of females: BL 4.06–4.34; FL 3.50–3.67; PL 0.89–1.06; EL 1.50–1.71; SEL 0.27–0.29; HW 0.83–0.89; PW 1.39–1.57; EW 1.56–1.65; relative length of antennomeres I–XI: 20: 14: 15: 9: 13: 13: 14: 12: 13: 14: 27.  Body (Figs 7C, 7D) black; head, antennomeres V–XI, pronotum, disc of elytra and abdomen black; posterior margin of elytra, posterior margin of posterior abdominal tergites and legs reddish brown. Mouthparts and basal four antennomeres sometimes brownish.  Head slightly transverse, HW: PW = 0.53–0.64 (0.61), surface with fine and sparse punctation, sometimes invisible between microsculpture, microsculpture very distinct, consisting of irregular meshes on disc, of more transvers meshes on posterior portion. Ocular setae fine but distinct. Antennomeres X shorter than wide.  Pronotum: PL: PW = 0.57–0.76 (0.66), surface with punctation finer than that of head, microsculpture consisting of transverse meshes.  Elytra, EL: PL = 1.58–1.75 (1.64), EL: EW = 0.93–1.00 (0.97), EW: PW = 1.08–1.16 (1.11) in males; EL: PL = 1.42–1.92, EL: EW = 0.91–1.10, EW: PW = 0.99–1.19 in females; punctation denser and coarser than that of pronotum, microsculpture consisting of short transverse meshes.  Abdomen with punctation coarser than that of head, microsculpture consisting of transverse striae or meshes.  Male. Posterior margin of elytra slightly and evenly emarginate at middle. Sternite VII (Figs 9N, 10N) with apical margin broadly and deeply emarginate; apical margin bent ventrad, with broad area of coarse granules. Tergite VIII (Fig. 12E) distinctly transverse, lobes almost fused, apical margin weakly sinuate. Sternite VIII as in Fig. 14B. Median lobe of aedeagus (Fig. 17B) with pair of ear-shaped apical projections, parameres as broad as the projection of the median lobe, apically truncate.  Female. Elytra distinctly longer than in male, posterior margin broadly rounded, weakly produced near sutural angle. Abdominal tergite VIII (Fig. 19F) with sinuate posterior margin, lateral angles each with only one long seta. Fimbriate median lobes of sternite VIII (Fig. 20O) separated by shallow emargination, median lobes distinctly longer than sublateral ones.


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