Flower-Visiting Insects of Great Indian Plantain in Illinois

Arnoglossum muhlenbergii (Great Indian Plantain)
(Bees suck nectar or collect pollen, flies suck nectar or feed on pollen, other insects suck nectar; some observations are from Graenicher as indicated below, otherwise they are from Robertson)

Bees (long-tongued)
Apidae (Apinae): Apis mellifera sn (Rb, Gr); Apidae (Bombini): Bombus pensylvanica sn cp (Gr); Anthophoridae (Ceratinini): Ceratina dupla dupla sn cp, Ceratina calcarata sn; Anthophoridae (Eucerini): Melissodes bimaculata bimaclata sn; Anthophoridae (Xylocopini): Xylocopa virginica sn cp (Gr); Megachilidae (Trypetini): Heriades leavitti sn cp

Bees (short-tongued)
Halictidae (Halictinae): Agapostemon sericea sn, Augochlora purus sn fq, Augochloropsis metallica metallica sn fq, Halictus spp. (Lasioglossum spp.) sn (Gr), Halictus confusus sn cp (Gr), Halictus ligatus sn (Gr), Halictus rubicunda sn (Gr), Lasioglossum albipennis sn cp (Gr), Lasioglossum connexus sn (Gr), Lasioglossum cressonii sn, Lasioglossum foxii sn, Lasioglossum imitatus sn (Rb, Gr), Lasioglossum pectoralis sn, Lasioglossum pilosus pilosus sn cp (Gr), Lasioglossum tegularis sn (Gr), Lasioglossum versatus sn cp fq, Lasioglossum zephyrus sn; Colletidae (Hylaeinae): Hylaeus mesillae sn, Hylaeus modestus modestus sn (Rb, Gr); Andrenidae (Andreninae): Andrena peckhami sn cp (Gr)

Sphecidae (Crabroninae): Anacrabro ocellatus (Gr), Lestica confluentus (Rb, Gr); Sphecidae (Philanthinae): Aphilanthops frigidus (Gr), Cerceris clypeata (Gr), Cerceris deserta (Gr); Sphecidae (Sphecinae): Ammophila kennedyi, Ammophila nigricans, Eremnophila aureonotata, Isodontia philadelphica (Gr); Vespidae: Polistes dorsalis; Vespidae (Eumeninae): Ancistrocerus adiabatus fq (Rb, Gr), Ancistrocerus antilope (Gr), Ancistrocerus campestris (Gr), Eumenes fraterna (Rb, Gr), Euodynerus annulatus (Gr), Leionotus ziziae (Rb, MS), Parancistrocerus pensylvanicus (Gr), Parancistrocerus perennis, Parancistrocerus vagus (Gr), Pseudodynerus quadrisectus, Stenodynerus anormis (Gr), Stenodynerus fundatiformis fq

Tipulidae: Limonia canadensis sn; Syrphidae: Eristalis arbustorum (Gr), Eristalis brousii (Gr), Eristalis tenax (Gr), Eristalis transversus (Gr), Sphaerophoria contiqua sn (Rb, Gr), Syritta pipiens sn (Rb, Gr), Toxomerus geminatus (Gr), Toxomerus marginatus (Gr); Empididae: Empis clausa sn fq; Stratiomyidae: Hedriodiscus binotata (Gr), Odontomyia virgo (Gr), Stratiomys lativentris (Gr); Conopidae: Thecophora occidensis sn, Zodion americanum sn; Tachinidae: Clausicella floridensis sn, Siphona geniculata sn fq, Spallanzania hesperidarum (Gr); Sarcophagidae: Sphixapata trilineata sn; Calliphoridae: Phormia regina (Gr), Pollenia rudis (Gr); Muscidae: Graphomya maculata (Gr), Stomoxys calcitrans (Gr); Anthomyiidae: Delia platura (Gr)

Lycaenidae: Satyrium calanus sn (Gr)

Sesiidae: Carmenta bassiformis sn

Mordellidae: Mordellistena comata sn (Gr)

Plant Bugs
Miridae: Lopidea medius sn, Lygus lineolaris sn (Gr); Lygaeidae: Neacoryphus bicrucis sn


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