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Scientists aim to describe a single 'tree of life' that reflects the evolutionary relationships of living things. However, evolutionary relationships are a matter of ongoing discovery, and there are different opinions about how living things should be grouped and named. EOL reflects these differences by supporting several different scientific 'classifications'. Some species have been named more than once. Such duplicates are listed under synonyms. EOL also provides support for common names which may vary across regions as well as languages.

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Preferred marks the preferred classification for this taxon.

Recognized By Rank Classification
Taxonomic Hierarchy of COL-China 2012
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Plazi Treatments Kingdom
2010 Field Museum Class in Phylogenetics Kingdom
2011 Latin School Project Week Kingdom
Monthly ARKive text import Kingdom
Monthly ARKive text import Kingdom
Addisonia volume 1, 1916 Phylum
Addisonia volume 2, 1917 Kingdom
Addisonia volume 3, 1918 Kingdom
African Flora Kingdom
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AnAge database Kingdom
Anage Data Kingdom
Appeltans et al, 2012
Appeltans et al, 2012 Kingdom
Armchair Taxonomists Kingdom
AskNature Kingdom
Biological Atlas of the Arctic Seas 2000 Kingdom
BHL: BioDivLibrary's photostream Kingdom
BIOL204- Botany, Jacksonville University Kingdom
BOT 323 Flowering Plants of the World, Oregon State University Kingdom
BioImages resource
BioImages resource Kingdom
  • Plantae
Biopix Kingdom
NMNH Botany Elevation Data Kingdom
Botany resource Phylum
Botany resource Kingdom
Conabio Kingdom
Conifers and Hardwoods Kingdom
Creaturecast Kingdom
EOL Group on Flickr Kingdom
EOL Group on Flickr Phylum
EOL Group on Flickr
  • Plantae taxonomy:order=Poales taxonomy:family=Cyperaceae taxonomy:genus=Schoenus taxonomy:binomial=Schoenus carsei
EOL hotlist Scratchpad Kingdom
  • Plantae
Eastfield College Scanning Electron Microscope Lab Kingdom
Edinburgh Rhododendron Monographs Kingdom
Encyclopedia of Marine Life of Britain and Ireland Resource Kingdom
Environments Kingdom
Environments Kingdom
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Field Museum Class in Phylogenetics: 2010 Kingdom
Fire Effects Information System (FEIS) - Plants Kingdom
FloraOfZimbabwe Kingdom
GBIF national node classification resource: Germany Kingdom
GBIF national node type records: France Kingdom
GBIF national node type records: Germany Kingdom
GBIF national node type records: Netherlands Kingdom
GROUP: BIO 240: Ecology and Evolution, Goucher College Kingdom
Global Biotic Interactions
Global Wood Density Database Kingdom
Go Botany: New England Wild Flower Society Kingdom
Herbarium Specimen Images (E)
  • Plantae
Herbarium Specimen Images (E) Kingdom
IABIN resource Kingdom
INBio resource Kingdom
IPÊ - Regional Flora Kingdom
IUCN Red List Kingdom
IUCN Red List
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Illinois Wildflowers Kingdom Import
  • Plantae Haeckel, 1866 Import Kingdom
Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)
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Inventaire National du Patrimoine Naturel Kingdom
Latin Botanical Illustrations Kingdom
Library of Alexandria
  • Plantae Haeckel (1866)
Library of Alexandria Kingdom
Lily Database Kingdom
MarLIN resource Kingdom
Morphbank Resource Kingdom
Morphbank Resource
Mushroom Observer Kingdom
MycoBank Classification
MycoKeys Kingdom
Medicinal Plants of the Guianas Kingdom
NMNH Botany Elevation Data (Summarized) Kingdom
National Wetland Plant List 2013 Kingdom
Natural History Museum Species of the day Kingdom
NatureServe resource Kingdom
OBIS depth range resource Kingdom
Ocean Genome Resource- genomic DNA available Kingdom
Olenina et al, 2006 Kingdom
Paleobiology Database
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PhytoKeys for EOL Kingdom
PhytoKeys for EOL-New Kingdom
Plant Conservation Alliance Kingdom
Flora Helvetica Kingdom
Plazi Treatments Phylum
India Biodiversity Portal Species Data Kingdom
Rare, Threatened and Endangered Animals and Plants at Nokuse Plantation, Walton County, Florida Kingdom
Rhododendron Images from Curtis Botanical Magazine cited by the Edinburgh Rhododendron Monographs Kingdom
SPIRE resource
  • Plantae
Sal et al, 2013 Kingdom
Sloan-CoML NameLink Project
  • Plantae
Smithsonian Gardens Orchid Images Kingdom
Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life: April 2013
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IUCN Structured Data Kingdom
Synonymie-Index der Schweizer Flora und der angrenzenden Gebiete (SISF). Kingdom
CIEE Tropical Ecology and Conservation Program Spring 2013 Kingdom
The Biodiversity of Tamborine Mountain Kingdom
The Field Museum Member's Night EOL Photo Scavenger Hunt 2010 Kingdom
Type data from iDigBio Kingdom
USDA Plants text description Resource Kingdom
Vimeo resource Kingdom
Vines and Climbing Plants of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands - Bejucos y plantas trepadoras de Puerto Rico e Islas Vírgenes Kingdom
World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS)
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West African Plants Kingdom
WhyReef kids content Kingdom
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons Kingdom
Wikimedia Commons
Wikipedia Kingdom
Wikipedia Kingdom
Zootaxa via Plazi Kingdom
eFloras Kingdom
iNaturalist Images Kingdom


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