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Perennial herbs or small shrubs. Leaves digitately 3-foliolate. Inflorescence a raceme or a solitary flower, terminal or leaf-opposed. Standard yellow or white with purplish markings. Anthers elongate; 4 basifixed, 6 attached a little higherStyle nearly straight or pointed downwards. Pod linear-oblong to elliptic, 1-many-seeded.
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Source: Flora of Zimbabwe


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Pearsonia is an African plant genus of some 12 species belonging to the family Fabaceae and occurring south of the equator with 1 species found on Madagascar. The species are usually herbs or shrublets with woody rootstocks. Leaves are usually sessile and 3-foliolate. The inflorescence is a congested or lax terminal raceme.[3] The name of this genus commemorates the South African botanist Henry Harold Welch Pearson.


Pearsonia comprises the following species:[4][5][6]


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