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An adult male with vocal slits. Head wide (HW/SV = 0.43, Fig. 3A), with steeply oblique loreal region; canthus rostralis rounded, straight when viewed from above; nostrils directed anterolaterally, closer to tip of snout than to eyes; internarial distance much larger than distance from naris to eye (EN/IN = 0.60, IN/SV = 0.112, EN/SV = 0.067); snout somewhat pointed, sharply rounded when viewed from the side or from above (Fig. 4A, C); eyes moderately large (EY/SV = 0.13; EY/SN = 1.0, Fig. 4C), pupil horizontal; eyelid more than half width of interorbital distance; tympanum indistinct and small (TY/SV = 0.056), visible only when skin dries slightly, hidden posterodorsally. Skin granular and highly pustulose dorsally, granular to slightly pustulose ventrally; supratympanic fold absent. Fingers unwebbed, flattened; F1 very reduced in size; relative lengths 3>2=4>1 (Fig. 4D); discs absent. Subarticular and metacarpal tubercles absent; plantar surfaces granular to slightly pustulose. Toes unwebbed; T3 and T4 with flattened discs and terminal grooves; disc of T4 not wider than penultimate phalanx. Second and fifth toes reduced in size, with round tip and no disc; T1 a vestigial nub; relative lengths of toes 4>3>2>5>1 (Fig. 4E). Subarticular and metatarsal tubercles absent, but plantar surfaces heavily pustulose. Hind legs rather short (TL/SV = 0.38, Fig. 4A). Tongue elongate, straplike, anterior one-third attached to floor of mouth.  In preservative, uniform dark brown above, lighter on sides, where many granules are light brown. Face dark brown with few pale-brown spots. Ventral surfaces and front and rear of thighs pale brown heavily flecked with dark brown, the latter most heavily concentrated on chin and throat. Iris black.  Measurements (in mm).—SV = 8.9, TL = 3.4, HW = 3.8, HL = 2.9, IN = 1.0, EN = 0.6, SN = 1.2, EY = 1.2, TY = 0.5, 4th T = 0.49.


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Source: ZooKeys

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