Known prey organisms

Heteroptera (heteropteran (undet.)) preys on:
Ips grandicollis
Ips calligraphus
Xyleborus fitchi
Orthotomicus coelatus
Pithyophthorus annectens
Pithyophthorus pullus
Dendroctonus valens
Dendroctonus tenebrans

Based on studies in:
USA: North Carolina (Forest, Plant substrate)

This list may not be complete but is based on published studies.
  • H. E. Savely, 1939. Ecological relations of certain animals in dead pine and oak logs. Ecol. Monogr. 9:321-385, from pp. 335, 353-56, 377-85.
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Evolution and Systematics


Discussion of Phylogenetic Relationships

View Heteroptera Tree

Tree based upon Wheeler et al. (1993), Schuh et al. (2009)
Alternative views on the relationships of Heteroptera have been proposed. For instance:

Tree from Schuh (1979); and Schuh and Polhemus (1980).

Tree modified from Zrzavy (1992):

Tree modified from Manher (1993); Shcherbakov and Popov (2002):


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