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Boudreaux (1979), Thorne & Carpenter (1992), DeSalle et al. (1992), Kambhampati (1995), and Wheeler et al. (2001) argue for a sister group relationship between mantids and cockroaches:

      ====== Isoptera  (termites)    ===|      |  === Mantodea  (mantids)       ===|         === Blattaria  (cockroaches) 

Hennig (1981), Kristensen (1995), Klass (1998), and Lo et al. (2000) favor a sister group relationship between termites and cockroaches:

      ====== Mantodea  (mantids)    ===|      |  === Isoptera  (termites)       ===|         === Blattaria  (cockroaches)  

The monophyly of cockroaches has often been questioned, and many authors believe that the Blattaria are paraphyletic with respect to the Isoptera. In particular, a sister group relationship between Isoptera and Cryptocercus wood roaches has often been suggested (e.g., McKittrick 1964, Hennig 1981, Lo et al. 2000).


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