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Ituglanis is a genus of pencil catfishes native to South America. Their greatest diversity seems to occur in the Amazon River basin.[1] Most species inhabit leaf litter, while four species have been described from caves.[1]

This genus was first erected for nine species previously classified in Trichomycterus.[2] Ituglanis is believed to be a monophyletic group.[2] There may be two monophyletic groups within this genus.[1] Ituglanis is currently considered a member of the subfamily Trichomycterinae [3] though its position as a member of any of the current subfamilies has been questioned.[4] Instead, it has been suggested to be the sister group of a large clade composed of the Tridentinae, Stegophilinae, Vandelliinae, Sarcoglanidinae, and Glanapteryginae.[1]


There are currently 24 recognized species in this genus:


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