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“Genus Pararrhopalia Simroth, 1893



Pararrhopalia Simroth, 1893. H.G. Bronn's. Klassen and Ordnungen des Tierreichs, 3 (1): 232.


Synonyms: Paramenia Pruvot, 1890 (part.) (non Brauer and Bergenstamm, 1889).


TYPE SPECIES: Pararrhopalia pruvoti Simroth, 1893


Tangential sclerites in two or more layers; with epidermal papillae Mouth separated from the atrium. Distichous radula present. Midgut without regular constrictions. Secondary genital opening unpaired. With copulatory stylets. With dorsoterminal sense organ. Without respiratory organs.”



(García-Álvarez & Salvini-Plawen, 2007: 104-105)

Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 3.0 (CC BY-NC 3.0)

© National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution

Source: Antarctic Invertebrates Website (NMNH)


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Depth range based on 1 specimen in 1 taxon.
Water temperature and chemistry ranges based on 1 sample.

Environmental ranges
  Depth range (m): 230 - 230
  Temperature range (°C): -0.138 - -0.138
  Nitrate (umol/L): 32.159 - 32.159
  Salinity (PPS): 34.490 - 34.490
  Oxygen (ml/l): 6.230 - 6.230
  Phosphate (umol/l): 2.281 - 2.281
  Silicate (umol/l): 83.714 - 83.714
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