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Caecidae is a taxonomic family of very small and minute sea snails or micromolluscs, marine gastropod molluscs in the order Littorinimorpha.[1]


These minute tubular shells can be found living in marine sediment, or among algae or sponges, in warm and temperate seas.

Shell description[edit]

The shells in this family, are unusual in that the adult shell is a curving tube. In the subfamily Caecinae the protoconch is lost and the tube is sealed with a permanent calcareous plug at one end. In the subfamilies Ctiloceratinae and Strebloceratinae the protoconch is retained. At the other end the tube is sealed by a circular operculum. The spiral part is almost always lost when outgrowing the juvenile stage. The color of the shell is white to pale yellow.


This family contains three subfamilies :

  • Caecinae Gray, 1850
  • Ctiloceratinae Iredale & Laseron, 1957
  • Strebloceratinae Bandel, 1996


Genera brought into synonymy 


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