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Length of male (tip of head to tip of abdomen) 1.9 mm; forewing length 1.9 mm; hind wing length 1.7 mm.  Head: Eyes large and bulbous; ocelli absent; antennae filiform, almost as long as forewings, with cylindrical scapes, pedicel and flagellomeres. Maxillary palps 5-segmented, segment 1 short, segment 2 longer than segments 1 and 3, as long as segment 4, segment 5 flexible, annulated, twice as long as segment 4. Labial palps 3-segmented with long terminal segments, nearly as long as segments 1 + 2.  Thorax: Mesoscutum with pair of setal warts. Tibial spurs 2/4/4. Forewings: Subcosta (Sc) simple, Radius: R1 simple, R2+3 unforked, R4+5 forked at cross-vein r; discoidal cell short. Media: M1+2 simple, M3+4 forked. Crossvein m indistinct, median cell (Mc) apparently open. Cubitus: Cu1 forked; Cu2 unforked. Crossvein m-cu apparently present, defining thyridial cell (Tc). Forewings apically rounded; venation with apical forks II, IV and V. Light-coloured hindwing venation indistinct. Rs apparently forked into R2+3 and R4+5; forks I and II apparently absent. Crossvein r apparently absent. M branched, M1+2 unforked, M3+4 indistinct.  Genitalia: In ventral view, sternite IX with sinusoidal apical margin, bearing pair of two-segmented gonopods; coxopodite short, broad at basis; harpago long. Harpagones regularly curving mesad, widening at apex. Coxopodites with row of strong hairs along median margins; each coxopodite with brush of short, dark setae at apex. In dorsal view two small black spines about half as long as gonopods, visible through hyaline wings. External structures of male genitalia indistinct in lateral and dorsal view.


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© Wilfried Wichard, Emma Ross, Andrew J. Ross

Source: ZooKeys

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