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Head and pronotum strongly transverse. Length of head (including mandibles) slightly shorter than occiput width. Head capsule narrowing anteriorly from base. Eyes shorter than temples. Gular plate 1.5 times as long as wide, widened anteriorly. Antennae inserted at anterior margin of eyes; scape dilated; pedicellum slightly shorter than scape; first flagellomere slightly longer than scape. Mandibles large, slightly incurved, asymmetrical, with retinaculum small. Maxillary palps 4-segmented, conspicuously longer than mandibles; palpomere 4 with apical margin subtruncate.  Pronotum 1.8 times as wide as long, widest nearly in the middle; pronotal angles pointed, concealing the base of head dorsally. Propleura narrow. Prosternum before procoxae 1.4 times longer than procoxae. Prosternal process wide, 1.4 times as long as procoxae. Mesoventrite transverse, with subtriangular depression for reception of prosternal process. Mesepisternum almost rectangular, transverse. Mesepimeron short, extending to mesocoxal cavities, slightly widened laterally. Metaventrite short, 3 times as wide as long; its anterior margin half as long as the posterior. Metepisterna subtriangular, gradually widened anteriorly, its length 1.5 times width at anterior margin. Metacoxae oblique, slightly projecting over abdomen, 3 times as wide as long. Metacoxal plates slightly longer than coxae. Abdomen a little longer than meso- and metathorax combined, widened from base to apex of second visible sternite, then narrowing. Parameres rather long, with penis slightly projecting.  Profemur and protibia widened apically, almost equal in length. Tarsal segments widened apically; tarsomeres 1 almost as long as tarsomeres 2; tarsomeres 2 slightly longer than tarsomeres 3. Mesofemur and mesotibia almost equal in length. Mesotibia widened apically, 1.2 times as long as protibia. Metatrochanters one-third as long as metafemora. Metatibiae 1.1 times as long as metafemora, slightly widened apically; its outer side possibly with pits.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)

© Bo Wang, Haichun Zhang

Source: ZooKeys

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