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Body: only partial thorax preserved. Pronotum sub-rectangular, 1.2 mm long, 2.8 mm wide, suffused with many long hairs. Mesonotum 3 mm long, 3.5 mm wide, with some long hairs laterally.  Forewing (Fig. 3) subtriangular, 21.5 mm long, 12.3 mm wide. Costal space broad throughout; subcostal veinlets forked; humeral veinlet slightly recurrent, branched. Subcostal space much broader than R1 space. R1 space narrow. Sc and R1 close distally but not fused. Rs with 10 primary branches, branches of Rs dichotomously branched; Rs1 pectinately branched with branches directed anteriorly. M appears originating from R, forked far from origins of Rs1. MA and MP probably simple (their terminal parts not preserved). Cu forked near wing base. CuA pectinately branched distal to fork of M. CuP multi-branched, dichotomous. Anal area well-developed. 1A long, dichotomously branched. 2A multi-branched (incompletely preserved). Only few crossveins detected: costal space basally with scarce crossveins, not forming gradate series; subcostal space with 4 crossveins preserved; R1 space with 5 crossveins preserved; medial space with 2 crossveins preserved. Veins covered with dense hairs, particularly long basally. Trichosors distinct. Wing membrane in general brownish; colour pattern consists mainly of two pale transverse zigzagged bands which are proximally darker than other portions of wing; indistinctly mottled basally and apically. Wing margin haired; hind and outer margins undulate.  Hind wings almost entirely hidden under forewing, about 16.5 mm long as preserved, 10 mm wide. Venation very poorly preserved; no details visible. Outer margin undulate.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)

© Yuanyuan Peng, Vladimir N. Makarkin, Xiaodong Wang, Dong Ren

Source: ZooKeys

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