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Forewing with broad-rounded apex, about 6.0 mm long (as preserved, estimated complete length about 6.5 mm), 2.6 mm wide. Costal space moderately broad, most dilated at proximal 1/5 of wing length. Subcostal veinlets simple, regularly arranged, less closely spaced than in previous species. Sc distally fused with R1 far from wing apex; Sc+R1 with nine veinlets (eight simple, one forked). Subcostal space broad, with two basal crossveins. R1 space nearly as wide as subcostal space; six crossveins before fusion of Sc and R1, one after. Rs with nine pectinate, regularly spaced branches; four proximal-most branches with 2-4 terminal forks, other branches once forked. Rs1 originating at some distance from origin of Rs. M not fused basally; forked much distal to origin of Rs1. MA, MP almost parallel, distally with one (simple) , two (one simple) branches respectively. Cu divided into CuA, CuP proximal to origin of Rs. CuA pectinate, with 7 branches; proximal-most branch once forked. CuP once deeply forked. Anal veins incompletely preserved; 1A with single marginal fork; 2A with two marginal short branches; 3A very incomplete, with single fork preserved. Four gradate series of crossveins posterior to stem of Rs, all incomplete. First series consists of three crossveins: 1r-m (located at origin of Rs), 1m-cu, 1a1-a2 (longer than previous); Second series includes two crossveins: 2m-cu (connecting MP, CuA), 2icu (connecting CuA, anterior branch of CuP). Third (‘inner’) series with six crossveins (3rs-rs7, 3rs5-rs4 to 3rs2-rs1; two between Rs3, Rs2). Fourth (‘outer’) series with five crossveins (from 4rs2-rs1 to 4m-cu; two between Rs1, MA). Wing one color, fuscous. Veins mainly dark brown as preserved.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)

© Vladimir N. Makarkin, Qiang Yang, Dong Ren

Source: ZooKeys

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