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Body ovate, about 2.4 times as long as wide.  Head 1.4 times as wide as long. Antennae slender, 4-segmented, first segment shortest, second segment longest, 1.47 times as long as the third segment, fourth segment slightly shorter than third segment. Eyes reniform, moderately protrusive, located at the posterolateral angles of the head. Ocelli round, raised slightly, ocelli separated by 1.3 times the width of an ocellus, ocelli closer to each other than to margins of eyes. Rostrum reaching to the hind coxae. Length of head subequal to the length of pronotum on midline.  Pronotum transverse, 3.2 times as wide as long, Anterior and posterior margins of pronotum concave, lateral margins straight, anterior and posterior angles feebly rounded. Scutellum distinctly longer than pronotum on midline, triangular, 1.3 times as wide as long. Tarsal formula: 3–3–3. Fore tibiae about 2.0 times as long as corresponding tarsi, fore tarsomere I shortest, tarsomeres II and III almost subequal in length; mid femora 1.3 times as long as tibiae, tibiae 2.3 times as long as tarsi, tarsomere I shortest, tarsomere II slightly longer than tarsomere III; hind tibiae long, almost 1.5 times as long as hind femora, and 2.3 times as long as tarsi. Fore wing macropterous, 0.6 times as long as body; corium and membrane clearly delimited; corium with embolium; medial fracture short, 0.3 times as long as fore wing; costal fracture of hemelytra very long, reaching to the middle of the corium; venation of corium weakly indicated; membrane large, with five closed cells, cells reduced gradually from the inner to the outer. Claval commissure shorter than scutellum length at median line. Hemelytra with only slight modification for mating, the embolar region slightly thickened.  Anterior margin of female sternum VII curve; posterior margin of female sternum VII extremely concave along the midline. Base of ovipositor exposed ventrally.  Measurements (in mm). Body length 8.00, width 3.18. Head length 0.84, width 1.24. Antennal measurements I–IV: 0.56, 1.30, 0.92, 0.85. Interocular space of ocelli 0.12. Interocular space of eyes 0.84. Pronotum length 0.78, width 2.52. Scutellum length 1.43, width 1.78. Length fore leg: tibia 1.22, tarsomeres I–III: 0.13, 0.23, 0.23; length mid leg: femur 1.91, tibia 1.57, tarsomeres I–III: 0.18, 0.27, 0.23; length hind leg: femur 2.14, tibia 3.15, tarsomeres I–III: 0.22, 0.69, 0.52. Hemelytron length 5.14, width 1.73.


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© Weiting Zhang, Yunzhi Yao, Dong Ren

Source: ZooKeys

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