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Male. Body length: 4.1 mm (female unknown). Head. Glossy brown-black (Fig. 1); frons not protruding anteriorly beyond eye in profile (Fig. 2a), eyes almost contiguous at narrowest point; face brown-black, parafacia narrow, glabrous; mouthparts brown; antenna yellow-brown, overlain with greyish pubescence, admixed with few short setae on outer surface of scape and pedicel, style subterminal; ocellar tubercle raised, broad; postocular ridge very narrow, with few minute setae laterally; occiput relatively flat to concave, pale pubescent medially; gena sparsely covered with fine yellowish setae. Thorax. Glossy brown-black with metallic iridescence, scutum finely rugose to scrobiculate posteromedially, very sparsely overlain with short pale setae; postpronotal lobe and postalar ridge pale tan; pleuron smooth and polished, except for a few sparse fine setae; coxae and femora brown; tibia brown basally, dark-yellow apically; sparse, short setae on legs; haltere dark brown; wing hyaline; venation typical for genus, dark yellow. Abdomen. Glossy brown, cylindrical, glabrous; dorsal surface flattened with dark, alveolate texture resembling elongate honeycomb; intersegmental membranes and posterior margins of tergites 3–4 bright white; tergite 2 sensory setal region as two circular patches. Male genitalia (Fig. 2B–C). Epandrial lobes scoop-like, not enclosing gonocoxites, elongate setae apically, microtrichia posteromedially; cerci narrow; hypoproct relatively large, narrow, extending beyond cerci posteriorly; gonocoxite triangular in shape; gonostylus well developed with spinose ridge posteriorly, articulated on gonocoxite basally; gonocoxal apodeme relatively narrow; hypandrial lobes membranous, elongate with irregular posteromedial margin, lobes articulated ventrally on gonocoxites; aedeagus extended anteriorly well beyond genitalic capsule; distiphallus trifid, curved, not extending beyond genitalic capsule; lateral aedeagal bulbs well developed either side of basiphallus; ventral apodeme of parameral sheath greatly enlarged, arms flanking aedeagus anteriorly with brace-like flanges; dorsal apodeme small, dark sclerotized as brace between gonocoxal apodemes; ejaculatory apodeme relatively large spatulate, directed ventrally from bulbous basiphallus.


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