Data about <i>Astyanax intermedius</i>

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Data about <i>Astyanax intermedius</i>
Additional detail coast
  • coast
    The general region of indefinite width that extends from the sea inland to the first major change in terrain features.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail drainage basin
  • drainage basin
    A regions or area bounded by drainage divides and occupied by a drainage system; specifically the tract of country that gathers water originating as precipitation and contributes it to a particular stream channel or system of channels, or to a lake, reservoir, or other body of water.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail Large river biome Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail non-marine IRMNG - Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera.  
Additional detail river
  • river
    Natural freshwater surface streams of considerable volume and a permanent or seasonal flow, moving in a definite channel toward a sea, lake, or another river; any large streams, or ones larger than brooks or creeks, such as the trunk stream and larger branches of a drainage system.
Environments - EOL project  


Data about <i>Astyanax intermedius</i>
extinction status
Additional detail extant IRMNG - Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera.  

Names and Taxonomy

Data about <i>Astyanax intermedius</i>
type information
Additional detail lectotype
  • lectotype
    A specimen or other element designated subsequent to the publication of the original description from the original material (syntypes or paratypes) to serve as nomenclatural type. Lectotype designation can occur only where no holotype was designated at the time of publication or if it is missing (ICBN Art. 7, ICZN Art. 74). [Zoo./Bot.] -- Note: the BioCode defines lectotype as selection from holotype material in cases where the holotype material contains more than one taxon [Bio.].
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard  
Additional detail paralectotype
  • paralectotype
    All of the specimens in the syntype series of a species or infraspecific taxon other than the lectotype itself. Also called "lectoparatype". [Zoo.]
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard  


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