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Head. Ivory band on the anterior marign of crown present, continuous. Antennal flagellum regular, tapering to final diameter in basal third. Antennal ledges in dorsal view not protruding.

Thorax. Anterior part of pronotum yellow or orange spots inconspicuous or absent. Anepisternum distinctly yellow or white. Lateral black maculae on mesonotum distinct, solid, or with only small light marking centrally (or entire mesonotum mostly black).

Wings. Forewing veins darker than background, costal area usually reddish. Apical cells of forewing membranous, entirely hyaline. R vein bordering the first anteapical cell at least partly red or yellow. Brochosome spots on female forewings (present only during egg-laying in some species) present (often seen as residual traces) or absent or unknown.

Legs. Posterior surfaces of mesofemur and metafemur brown to black. Anterior surface of metatibia without hairs dorsally of anteroventral macrosetal row. Anteroventral row of macrosetae on female metatibia conspicuously elongate and curved compared to male.

Abdomen. Red area on caudal abdominal terga present on terga VII +VIII.

Male Genitalia. Subgenital plate with light and dark pattern. Lateral process of aedeagus in lateral view extending dorsad, more or less straight. Caudal process of aedeagus in lateral view longer than half aedeagal shaft, but not reaching apex. Lateral process of aedeagus in caudal view gradually curved inwards. Caudal process of aedeagus in caudal view thickest at the base, gradually narrowing towards apex. Apices of caudal processes of aedeagus in caudal view diverging. Bases of caudal processes of aedeagus in caudal view separated. Pair of lateral dentiform processes on aedeagal shaft in caudal view present. Male pygofer lobes dorsocaudally angulate or truncate. Sensilla on inner surface of pygofer dorsocaudally absent. Apex of aedeagal shaft in caudal view membranous along midline.

Female Genitalia. Female sternum VIII consists of two plates, not connected or with narrow or broken bridge in between. Sclerotized plates of sternum VIII distinctly longer than broad or triangular. Lateral margin of sclerotized plates of sternum VIII notched or lobed in posterior 2/3. Anterolateral fold of sclerotized plates of sternum VIII absent or membranous, incospicuous. Posterior margin of sternum VIII without hemispherical bulge medially. Sclerotized plates of sternum VIII not narrowed anteriorly. Sclerotized plates of sternum VIII diverging posteriorly. Inner posterior angle of each sclerotized plate of sternum VIII not produced.

Distribution. Arizona, New Mexico or Texas or Mexico, Central America.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)

R. Rakitov, S. Krishnankutty, and D. Dmitriev

Source: 3I Interactive Keys and Taxonomic Databases

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