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Species of the genus Stomias are very elong and slender, with large jaws bearing fang-like teeth and a moderately long and posteriorly place dosrsal fin. Species of the genus are distinguished from other genera in the family Stomiidae by the following characters. Upper jaw extending to near anterior margin of preoperculum; premaxilla proctractile. Hyoid barbel long and slender, terminal bulb and filaments at tip. Maxilla with numerous small teeth on posterior half of ventral margin. Vomer with pair of teeth; palatine bearing one to three teeth. Gill arches bearing tack-like teeth rather than rakers. Floor of mouth present, membrane connecting halves of lower jaw to isthmus. Pectoral fin placed low on body; pelvic fin indserted nearer to caudal-fin base than to snout. Anal and dorsal fins opposite and placed far posteriorly on body. Dorsal adipose fin absent

Photophores present below eye, on brahciostegal membrane, in ventral row from isthmus to caudal-fin base and in lateral row from posterior margin of opercle to anal-fin origin; small luminescent organs scattered over head and body. Body covered with five or six rows of hexagonal scale pockets, and, when undamaged, covered with gelationous coat.


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Source: Deep-sea Fishes of the World

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