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Comprehensive Description

The Arrow Goby (Clevelandia ios) is a small estuarine fish found around sand and mud bottoms from British Columbia (Canada) to north-central Baja (Mexico) (Boschung et al. 1983; Eschmeyer et al. 1983). Like most gobies, the Arrow Goby is a small (less than 6 cm), bottom-dwelling fish with its pelvic fins united to form a cuplike sucking disk. The Arrow Goby has a relatively wide gap between its dorsal fins and a large mouth (the jaw extends well beyond the eye) (Eschmeyer et al. 1983). It is often found inhabiting the burrows of several invertebrate species, including the ghost shrimp Neotrypaea californiensis (=Callianassa californiensis), the mud shrimp Upogebia pugettensis, and the fat innkeeper worm Urechis caupo. The goby uses the burrows as a refuge from predators and desiccation (drying out) at low tides. (Hoffman 1981)


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