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Escal appendage pattern B; esca with an elongate anterior escal appendage, proximal one-half of length internally pigmented, bearing one or two unpigmented filaments on anterior margin near distal tip (45-mm specimen with about eight, extremely thin filaments more or less equally spaced along posterior margin); 45-mm specimen with two tiny branched medial appendages arising from near base of anterior escal appendage; a short unpaired and unpigmented medial escal appendage emerging near base of terminal papilla, bearing numerous tiny filaments along its length; a rounded terminal escal papilla; a short unpigmented anteroposteriorly compressed posterior escal appendage, bearing three to six, short, unpigmented lateral filaments along its length; anterolateral escal appendages absent in holotype, a tiny branched anterolateral escal appendage on each side in 45-mm specimen; lateral escal appendages absent; distal tip of internal tube of anterior escal appendage and dorsal pigment patch of escal bulb with a paired circular translucent “eye spot.”

Subopercle without indentation on posterodorsal margin; length of ventral fork of opercle 25.0–30.0% SL; ratio of lengths of dorsal and ventral forks of opercle 0.46–0.55.

Epibranchial teeth absent; pharyngobranchial II well toothed; total number of teeth in upper jaw 36–44, in lower jaw 34–39; number of teeth on vomer 6; dorsal-fin rays 5; anal-fin rays 4; pectoral-fin rays 15 or 16.

Measurements in percent of standard length: head length 38.0–44.4; head depth 44.5–49.8; head width 25.8–34.7; premaxilla length 30.5–35.6; lower jaw length 43.0–51.1; illicium length 15.6.


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© Kenaley, Christopher

Source: Deep-sea Fishes of the World

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