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The lined sole, Achirus lineatus, is a member of Family Achiridae, the American soles. Previously it was included within family Soleidae. As with all soles, A. lineatus is a right-eyed species, with the dorsal or eyed side of the flat benthic animal corresponding to the right side of a fish with a typical body plan and orientation.The body is entirely scaled, and body coloration on the eyed side is usually olive to brown, with variable dark blotches and spots and diffuse lines. Conspicuous tufts of hairlike cirri are usually scattered on the body surface. Pectoral fins are present (Hoese and Moore 1977, Robbins et al. 1986).Ray counts are variable, with dorsal soft rays numbering 52-58 and anal soft rays numbering 39-44 (Froese and Pauly (2008). Ray count ranges presented in Hoese and Moore (1977) differ slightly, with dorsal soft rays numbering 50-58 and anal soft rays numbering 38-48. The pectoral fin on the eyed side possesses 5-6 soft rays (Hoese and Moore 1977).


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Source: Indian River Lagoon Species Inventory

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