Data about <i>Petrocephalus bane</i>

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Data about <i>Petrocephalus bane</i>
geographic distribution includes
Additional detail Africa: Nile basin, also from the Bénoué, Chad and Volta River (Ref. 2915). FishBase  

Physical Description

Data about <i>Petrocephalus bane</i>
body length (CMO)
Additional detail 20.0 cm male or unsexed FishBase  
body mass max
Additional detail 40.0 g FishBase  


Data about <i>Petrocephalus bane</i>
Additional detail aquarium Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail drainage basin
  • drainage basin
    A regions or area bounded by drainage divides and occupied by a drainage system; specifically the tract of country that gathers water originating as precipitation and contributes it to a particular stream channel or system of channels, or to a lake, reservoir, or other body of water.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail irrigation canal
  • irrigation canal
    Artificial watercourse with no flow or a controlled flow used irrigation.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail lagoon
  • lagoon
    A sheet of saline water separated from the open sea by sand or shingle banks. The sheet of water between an offshore reef, especially of coral and mainland. The sheet of water within a ring or horseshoe shaped atoll.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail lake
  • lake
    A body of water or other liquid of considerable size contained on a body of land.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail Large river biome Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail river
  • river
    Natural freshwater surface streams of considerable volume and a permanent or seasonal flow, moving in a definite channel toward a sea, lake, or another river; any large streams, or ones larger than brooks or creeks, such as the trunk stream and larger branches of a drainage system.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail freshwater environment FishBase  
Additional detail freshwater environment FishBase  
Additional detail marine benthic biome
  • marine benthic biome
    The marine benthic biome (benthic meaning 'bottom') encompasses the seafloor and includes such areas as shores, littoral or intertidal areas, marine coral reefs, and the deep seabed.
  • has parasite
    non-mutual relationship between organisms of different species where one organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host.
has parasite
Additional detail Otobothriidae GloBI  
Additional detail Otobothrium GloBI  
Additional detail Otobothrium dipsacus GloBI  
Additional detail Pseudotobothriidae GloBI  
Additional detail Pseudotobothrium GloBI  
Additional detail Pseudotobothrium dipsacum GloBI  


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