Data about <i>Pseudobagrus truncatus</i>

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Physical Description

Data about <i>Pseudobagrus truncatus</i>
Caudal fin shape
Additional detail bifurcated
  • Bifurcated
    A branched quality inhering in a bearer by virtue of the bearer's being divided into two branches.
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Data about <i>Pseudobagrus truncatus</i>
Additional detail non-marine IRMNG  
Additional detail back-arc basin
  • Back-arc basin
    A depression in the sea floor that results from the collision of continental plates; the weight of the sinking plate causes the overlying plate to stretch and thin, causing a basin in the overlying plate. Sometimes, the Earth's crust in these basins stretches so much it cracks, allowing magma through from the mantle beneath. Hence, basins often contain active volcanoes and hydrothermal vents.
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Additional detail canyon
  • Canyon
    Relatively narrow, deep depression with steep sides, the bottom of which generally has a continuous slope.
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Additional detail coast
  • Coast
    The general region of indefinite width that extends from the sea inland to the first major change in terrain features.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail drainage basin
  • Drainage basin
    A regions or area bounded by drainage divides and occupied by a drainage system; specifically the tract of country that gathers water originating as precipitation and contributes it to a particular stream channel or system of channels, or to a lake, reservoir, or other body of water.
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Additional detail fresh water Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail limestone
  • Limestone
    A sedimentary rock composed largely of the mineral calcite.
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Additional detail river mouth
  • River mouth
    The end of a stream where it enters a standing water body such as a lake, sea or ocean.
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Additional detail sewage
  • Sewage
    Wastewater that is contaminated with feces or urine,
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Additional detail suspended sediment
  • Suspended sediment
    Suspended sediment, or suspended load, is the term for the particles settle slowly enough to be carried in flowing water (such as a stream or coastal area) either without touching the bed or while only intermittently touching it. These particles are generally of the fine sand, silt and clay size, although larger particles may be carried as well depending on the intensity of the flow.
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Additional detail terrace
  • Terrace
    A step-like feature between higher and lower ground: a relatively flat or gently inclined shelf of earth, backed and fronted by steep slopes or manmade detaining walls.
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Additional detail watershed
  • Watershed
    The separation between neighbouring drainage basins (catchments). In hilly country, the divide lies along topographical peaks and ridges, but in flat country or on a high plateau (especially where the ground is marshy) the divide may be invisible - just a more or less notional line on the ground on either side of which falling raindrops will start a journey to different rivers, and even to different sides of a country or continent.
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Data about <i>Pseudobagrus truncatus</i>
Extinction status
Additional detail extant IRMNG  


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